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Clever Landscaping Ideas for Tiny Front Yards

Worker is paving a place in the garden.

If you’ve got a teeny tiny front yard, you may have already discovered that landscaping can be pretty challenging. Having limited square footage doesn’t mean you should completely ignore this small piece of land – curb appeal is extremely important …

9 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

Hand drawing of an interior design project of a modern kitchen

No matter how amazing and comfortable the rest of your home may be, there’s something about the kitchen that has everyone congregating to it. No doubt, your kitchen is the hardest working space your home, and should be designed to …

Tips for Hiding TV Cords in Your Home

TV and wooden cabinet with gray armchair in modern living room the concrete wall

The average American household now has 2.5 TV sets, even when the number of people in that home is only two. Not only is there a TV set in the main living area, but many families have TVs in children’s …