Grey sofa with pillows near window in stylish living room interior

5 Affordable Decor Ideas that Always Impress

Grey sofa with pillows near window in stylish living room interior

You might be taking the holiday season as an opportunity to add some ‘cheer’ to your interior decor. But the truth is, revamping your interior could probably use some refreshment at any point throughout the year.

And who says you need to blow the budget in the name of a decor facelift? With these affordable interior decorating ideas, you can impress your guests while still keeping your bank account intact.

1. Gallery Wall

How can ‘gallery’ and ‘affordable’ be in the same sentence, you ask? Think second-hand stores or DIY projects instead of fine art to frame your wall. Even oddball paintings can look amazing when you cluster them altogether. You can even try your hand at art by painting something yourself with some canvas and paint from the dollar store, or wrap a canvas in some of your favorite leftover fabric.

A collage of art has a more impressive effect when you let it span from floor to ceiling, or wall to wall. Throw in a mirror or two as well if you’ve got a tight space – it’ll help visually ‘expand’ it.

2. Area Rugs

Who ever thought that layering a rug on top of another carpet was a good idea? Well, it is, and it can be a real problem-solver when your flooring needs some serious TLC. Layering can have a great effect on the floor, and can be done a few ways.

If you’ve already got wall-to-wall carpeting, you can easily define a space and highlight a seating area by strategically placing an area rug where your sofa furniture or dining set is placed. You can also layer a small statement rug over a bigger, more neutral one. This will act to both cover a bigger floor area and frame a specialty rug to make it stand out, allowing you to spend a lot less on a smaller statement rug while still reaping the benefits of the rug coverage your space needs!

3. Architectural Details

Fancy some depth and dimension to your space, but can’t afford the hefty price tag attached with professional architectural work? No problem. A little paint or molding can go a long way in creating the illusion of architectural detail without having to empty your wallet.

You can fake these details a few ways. For starters, use some painter’s tape to help you paint vertical or horizontal lines on your walls or the ceiling, which will make the space appear larger than it really is. You can even create geometrical shapes on the walls to frame your light sconces, artwork, or furniture. And with crown molding, you can add even more depth while adding a sense of style and class at the same time.

4. Bright Colors

This trick works especially well if your space is predominantly neutral. Pick one piece of furniture to act as a standout accent, such as a coffee table, hutch, or a chair. And just about any color can work, whether you’re a fan of fuchsia, blood orange, or peacock blue. That one bold-colored piece can add just enough vibrance to a space without the need for you and your guests to have to wear sunglasses indoors – and it’s a cheap DIY project, too!

5. Long Curtains

Nothing says opulence more than window curtains that drag slightly on the ground. To maximize the effect, install the curtain rod right to the ceiling. Measure the distance from this rod to about 12 inches past the point of where the wall joins the floor.

You can then hit up your local fabric store or thrift shop to snag some spiffy fabric to use as the curtains. Or check out budget-friendly furniture stores like IKEA for cheap curtains that are specifically designed with this effect in mind. Voilà – a rich effect in your space without the rich price!

There’s no law that says impressive home decor has to come with a steep price tag. With these 5 ideas, you can impress your guests and create that highly coveted ‘wow’ factor without blowing your paycheck.